Making some room.

I finally got the other side of the garage cleared out enough to move the Leaf in. I confess to being a bit envious of folks who have big garages. I barely have room to move with two cars in mine.

Oh, well. It is immensely better than trying to do this all outside. Been there, done that. I changed out the clutch in a ’98 Honda Civic one December in Northern Idaho on the uncovered patio. That was a frigid task.

Back on subject. After using up about three and a half hours changing out the brushes on the alternator in my CRX daily beater, I spent a couple of hours pulling stuff off the front of the leaf and marking cables and components. I hope to get some more done tomorrow as we have a bye week in our softball league.

In the Laboratory...

In the Laboratory…

A bit snug, he whined.

Front end June-27-15

Front end June-27-15


A door?

A door?


That’s the door into the garage. Right behind me is a small chest freezer. But there is a little more room with the charge port removed. This car came with a quick charge port, which I happy about.

That’s it for today. I’m trying to be a bit more communicative since I tend to just do the work and not talk about it. I know that doesn’t help any one who has an interest in what’s going on so I want to spend a little more time writing up these short updates instead of waiting and writing  a big update.


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