Quarterly Update

It seems like that’s what these have been, anyway.

I was finally able to figure out what was wrong with the CRX. When I rebuilt the engine, I had someone else rebuild the head and take care of any bent valves and the like. It appears that they got in too big of a hurry reinstalling the Auxiliary Intake Valves on the #1 and #2 cylinders.

The red arrow shows the o-ring that is the oil seal for the valve assembly which is inserted in from the top of the head, not from the bottom through the combustion chamber like a normal valve. The yellow arrow is the sliver of rubber that got shaved off when they inserted the assembly into the head. After 30,000 or 40,000 miles (might be more, I don’t remember now), the o-ring got heat hardened and started pouring oil right down on top of the spark plug. Which explains that gross, grainy, oily crap coating the valve face.


It took way too long to get this figured out but I’m glad I finally did. I started with the valve seals on the #1 cylinder, then #2, dumped a bottle of ring seal in the oil, replaced the rings on #1, then finally changed these o-rings on the #1 and #2 Aux valves. The car hasn’t smoked a puff since then as far as I can tell. Check that one off the list and move on!

When I got the Leaf master cylinder installed on the Supra firewall, it looked like this:


It isn’t bolted in, but notice the thickness of the aluminum adapter plate. Looks pretty good but there were two problems with it. One I saw right away – the clevis on the MC actuator was about a half inch away from the brake pedal. The other problem I didn’t notice until I was taking some pictures to post on here. This next picture is from the passenger side looking across the engine bay.


That arrow is pointing to the filler cap for the MC and it is sticking above the fender line. Everything had to come apart and I needed to do some more machining. In the end I cut the aluminum adapter down by about half and machined in an angle to try and drop the nose of the MC to fit under the hood. The end result is about 1/4 inch of clearance. I’m really hoping that’s enough. Oh, the clevis reaches the brake pedal now, too. I love two for one problem solving.


The white line below is a nylon string I stretched across the bay from fender to fender to measure that clearance.



I got a new Samsung S7 and I really like the way it takes low-light pictures. This is looking up from the floor boards with an LED drop light off to the side and no flash.

My next task is to get the ABS pump mounted. On the Leaf it mounts to the frame on the other side of the bay from the MC. And it’s actually higher than the center line of the MC.


The arrow and the poorly drawn box are an attempt to show where it sits in the Leaf.

If I were to mount it to the Supra frame, this is where it would sit:


Way down low. I don’t think that should be a problem, but I’m still thinking about it. I do think I need to go buy some brake line and rebuild all the lines rather than try and stretch and rebend the Leaf brake lines. One reason is that the Supra only has one line going to the back brakes that splits out to the separate wheel cylinders back by the back axle.  I want to upgrade that to individual lines for safety and control.


Well, I’m out of pictures and out of words so I’ll publish this and we’ll see what happens next.

Thanks for watching.


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